Obsessed: 9 Picture Books for Kids Who (Really) Love Trains

Restricted interests. Special interests. Passions. Obsessions. Whatever you call them, it can be challenging when a child with autism is fixated on something all day, every day, to the exclusion of anything (or anyone) else. I knew the stereotypes about autistic people when my twins were diagnosed at 2. So… Continue reading

Once upon a time there was a dark, dark moor.

Hands down, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I'm that person who doesn't take the cobwebs off my door until the Thanksgiving turkey is actually being basted. It's possible that I go a little overboard with planning my (genius) couples costume for my twins each year (Harry and Hedwig! Christopher Robin… Continue reading

Q&A with special ed teacher and former librarian, Tara Brescio

Tara Brescio, a longtime therapist on our ABA team, is a special education teacher, former librarian, and a new mom--the perfect trifecta for this blog. I sat down to get her take on autism and children's books--and of course I got lots and lots of great book recommendations! First, a… Continue reading