Obsessed: 9 Picture Books for Kids Who (Really) Love Trains

Restricted interests. Special interests. Passions. Obsessions. Whatever you call them, it can be challenging when a child with autism is fixated on something all day, every day, to the exclusion of anything (or anyone) else. I knew the stereotypes about autistic people when my twins were diagnosed at 2. So… Continue reading

Q&A with special ed teacher and former librarian, Tara Brescio

Tara Brescio, a longtime therapist on our ABA team, is a special education teacher, former librarian, and a new mom--the perfect trifecta for this blog. I sat down to get her take on autism and children's books--and of course I got lots and lots of great book recommendations! First, a… Continue reading

Goodnight noises everywhere

Reading to a child every day isn’t just about promoting literacy or getting bonding time, it’s also about flexing the storytelling muscle. Stories are really, really important--they are how we give an otherwise chaotic world meaning. It's the difference between observing and inferring: Grandma is making tea vs.… Continue reading

7 Parent-Certified Books for Your Preschooler with Autism

A few weeks ago, I was in our speech therapist's waiting room hanging out with my favorite waiting-room mom, Gina. Her son, Clayton, reminds me intensely of Harry, only he's a year older and is doing so well that you'd easily mistake him for a typically developing child who's just… Continue reading